The best tree service in and around Austin specializes in tree trimming, tree removal, and general tree care.

Our expert tree climbers and trimmers are arborists trained to take great care in maintaining your trees. We offer a wide range of tree service options, including:

  • -Roof clearance
  • -Ball moss removal
  • -Deadwood removal
  • -Complete tree trimming & pruning
  • -Stump grinding
  • -All-organic tree treatment and fertilization programs

If tree removal is necessary, we will take great care to remove your tree without damaging your property.

We understand that trees are an essential part of your property, and our team takes great pride in providing quality tree service.

6 Reasons you may need Austin Arbor Care:

  • -Your tree is too tall and overshadows your home or other structures
  • -Overgrown trees pose a hazard to people or property
  • -The branches of your tree are too close to your home or powerlines
  • -A dead or diseased tree needs to be removed from your property
  • -Space in your yard needs to be cleared for a new structure or garden
  • -A general health checkup is needed to protect your treesĀ 

So, no matter your reason for needing tree service, our team is here to help.

With this in mind, give us a call, and one of our expert arborists can help you decide the best course of action for your trees.

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Tree Trimming Austin

Our Tree service is different than other tree trimming companies in Austin. What makes our Tree Care Company different is we will follow up with our trimmers and review job site photos to make sure everything is done in accordance with ISA specifications. We are Oak Wilt specialists and take every precaution to insure against it. We will paint and seal all cuts. Our trimmers are trained to clean up after the tree trim job is complete and haul everything off.

EMERGENCY TREE SERVICE in Austin we get hit with ice, wind or hail storms every year or two. Austin Arbor Care is geared to respond quickly to these emergencies and make the necessary cuts to secure dangerous limbs and damaged trees.

We are a professional Austin Tree Trimming company ready to serve you and beautify your trees. Give us a call 512-664.7130 or request a quote online for a no obligation tree service estimate.

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Satisfied Tree Service Customers

Claire Abregon 6-19-2021

I used Austin Arbor care to treat some sick trees in my yard and trim an oak tree back off of my roof as it was doing a lot of damage to the roof. They trimmed the trees and Austin Roofing Masters came to the rescue to repair my roof.

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