Certified Arborists

What is an arborist?

An arborist is essentially a person who is a professional trained to maintain and care for the health of trees. Trees are a huge asset to any property, so you should look at the trees on your property as something of an investment. Proper pruning and care include fertilization which is something that every homeowner should consider. Keeping your trees properly trimmed is a job some homeowners may take on themselves if it’s a small tree. Trimming small trees should also be left to professionals as techniques and methods that professional arborist will employ are all in place to keep the tree healthy and allow the small tree to grow to its full potential. Trimming a large tree can be quite dangerous and should be left to professional tree climbers not only for the health risk of the tree but also for the risk of bodily injury to the homeowner.

An arborist also pays attention to the function and structure of trees. Decompartmentalization of decay, reactions to pruning growth and cultivation are all topics arborists and professional tree trimmers will pay attention to.

Trees are so important to our world today with deforestation of massive areas of the earth today to make way for agriculture or urban sprawl. We must take the time to take care of these living things that help support life by providing fresh oxygen and shade to our daily lives. Trees need nutrients, trimming and attention from a caring arborist to thrive. A tree left alone without care may grow into powerlines or onto your roof or into each other. At Austin Arbor Care we are what our name says…people who care about trees.

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