Tree Removal

There are many reasons a person would want a tree removed from their yard. We will list a few and then discuss them more in depth.

The top reason to remove a tree is the tree is sick or dying. If a tree is not salvageable then the tree must be removed. This is not the only reason, however, that someone would want to remove a tree. Many people and landscapers tend to plant trees too close together when they are small young trees attempting to make an immature landscape look a bit more mature. The problem is when the trees and plants start to mature, they will grow into one another. Then, you find yourself needing to remove one or two trees to allow the trees to grow healthy and correctly.

Sometimes a tree has been over pruned by a homeowner or an inexperienced tree or landscape guy. Once a tree has been damaged, it is hard for it to recover, and it may need to be removed.

Trunk damage to an existing tree or internal decay is another reason trees are removed.
Excavation for driveways, swimming pools or landscaping beds do great harm to root systems of trees. If a tree has had 50% or more of its roots damaged, we will unfortunately recommend removal. Once a tree removal has been deemed necessary, we will send out a crew that is very experienced in removing small to large trees. Large trees can be a bit tricky to remove and we take every precaution when removing a tree near your home or a fence or any other obstacle. With big heavy branches we always lower them with a rope to avoid landscape or any other damage. We always send our best crew for this, and they are 100% qualified and our company is, of course, fully insured.