Tree Treatment

Organic Sprays: Once trees have been determined to have an issue with insects or nutrient deficiency, we will work with you to produce an organic all-natural treatment approach. We have many different weapons in our arsenal to help you bring your tree back to its former glory. Austin Arbor Care avoids harmful cancer-causing pesticides. We use various natural products such as neem oil, horticultural oil, insecticidal soap and pyrethrum as well. We only use all natural products to keep all the unwanted side effects from harsh government-controlled chemicals out of your yard.

Our quarterly treatment program is economical and can save important trees while keeping you from an expensive tree removal cost.

Deep Roof Fertilization: Our deep root fertilization service consists of a prong being inserted into the ground to reach the roots of your tree in order to get the fertilizer directly where it needs to be. The roots 1’+ depths can’t always receive the benefits of fertilizer sprayed on the ground’s surface. This is where deep root fertilization kicks in.

Oak Wilt: Because Oak Wilt is a genuine problem from Austin to all parts of the Hill Country, there are 2 basic treatments we deploy:
1. We use a rock saw to trench a 4′-5′ deep trench between the infected trees and the healthy trees.
2. We inject the infected trees with a fungicide to help fight off the Oak Wilt fungus.