Tree Trimming

Tree trimming here in Austin, TX, needs expert tree climbers available to speak to you about the best maintenance methods needed for your trees. With regular maintenance tree trimming can be done any time of the year with a few exceptions. To ensure your trees stay healthy, they should be trimmed or pruned once per year. Trees in central Texas, especially in Austin, if let go too long will develop conditions that are hard to recover from. We love Austin and all our trees are important.

Our annual training programs keep our expert tree climbers up to date on all the safety regulations required by the state. Keep in mind all of our expert climbers are highly trained. Rest assured our expert tree climbers will leave your trees looking as good as they ever have. Our Trees add so much to our properties. The energy of a tree is something that can only be experienced and not explained. We love the relaxing vibe and the coolness of the shade these living works of art give us. Imagine if a 400 yr old oak tree could talk…What would it say? It could tell you about wars it has seen come and go, settlers, Indians…It could tell you about past warming trends and current cooling trends.

Tree Trimming Services

Crown Cleaning

This is the removal of dead wood and dying tree limbs that create a hazard. Crossed limbs that are rubbing against one another should be removed during the trimming process. Our tree climbers are trained to identify and address these issues while in the tree. Crown cleaning is a vital part of a healthy canopy.

Crown Lift

Cleaning up low hanging branches in order to achieve a lift helps keep the tree from rubbing on the roof of your home or top of your vehicles and allow lawn care beneath the tree. This is also required to keep branches from growing into or weighing down power lines.

Ball Moss Removal

Ball moss removal is a normal part of tree trimming service. Typically, ball moss in not harmful to your trees, however, most people find it unsightly. Once-a-year touch up trimming and ball moss removal will help keep your trees looking manicured.

Crown Reduction

This simply represents an overall reduction in the crown size, not to be confused with tree topping which is something we never advise. Our tree trimming crews will work to thin and draw in the over mass of the crown in order to give a tree a better chance of survival if it is being drawn down.

Specific Tree Trimming Cuts